Traducteurs professionnels dédiés au jeu de société !

Translating Board Games into French

Translating Board Games into French !

A game’s quality depends on its rules.

Pawns, tiles and cards come next.

Despite their sleek design, they are meaningless if rulebooks aren’t crystal clear. 

With trained specialists — Board game freaks with literary translation degree — be certain to obtain a coherent, skillful and proof-read translation that matches the standards professional games deserves.



Because it requires commitment to achieve a high-quality work, we entirely dedicate ourselves to board games translation into French language


From Eurogames to Ameritrash, including gamebooks, wargames and role-playing games, we are convinced that skilled experienced players are the most suitable translators




We ensure to provide you with an accountable work, executed with all the seriousness it deserves.


As our passion for games is driving our commitments, we will study any proposal.

However, please make sure to send us complete and comprehensible projects.

Please use the following email address to contact us :

Translating Board Games into French !

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